Monthly Membership Meeting

3rd Thursday of Each Month

General Membership Meeting  

6:45 PM-8:00PM

Location: Pride Center San Antonio

2600 McCullough Ave,

San Antonio, TX 78212 

​​Membership is open to anyone that wants to advocate for Hispanic/Latino rights and build bridges

between the LGBTQ and Hispanic/Latino communities.



“Orgullo de San Antonio”

Mail your application (link below) along with a $35 check/money order for your membership dues. 

LULAC #22198

PO Box 120252

San Antonio, TX 78212

The $35 membership fee includes a one-time initiation fee and membership fees for the district, state and national LULAC level-organizations.  Make sure to include your name, address (city, state, zip), phone number and email.

2018 Membership Application

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